Frequently Asked Questions

For Billing Inquiries, please call 1 (866) 953 - 5869
Q. Why do I receive two bills for my x-ray?
A. The professional component (Interpretation by the radiologist) is billed separately from the technical component (equipment and technologist supplied by the hospital).
Q. Why does voice mail answer during normal business hours?
A. We are on the other line assisting another patient. Please leave a message and your call will be returned in the order it was received. Voice mail is checked on a regular basis.
Q. Why did I receive a delinquent letter when I mailed my payment?
A. Once your second statement has been mailed you must either call our office to set up a payment plan or send in a least 50% of the balance due in order to keep the account from becoming delinquent.
Q. Why does my statement show the full balance due when I've already made a payment?
A. Please check the date of your statement. If that date is less than a week from the date you made your payment, they most likely crossed in the mail.
Q. Why did I receive a statement when my secondary insurance says they have not received a bill?
A. We can not bill your secondary insurance until we receive a payment or denial from your primary insurance (this includes Medicare).
Q. Why don't you have the insurance information that I called and gave to the hospital?
A. We only receive the information the hospital has at time of registration. You will need to call us with any updates because we do not receive those from the hospital. Do not assume we have the correct information, call to verify.
Q. How can I give you my updated insurance information?
A. You can leave a message on the voice mail including the name & address of your insurance, the policy or ID# and the name of the subscriber , along with your relation to the subscriber. You may also send us a copy of your card, via fax @ (540) 369-9317 or via mail to: Raleigh Radiology, P.O. Box 791119 Baltimore, MD 21279-1119.
Q. I received a letter from Creditors Collection Service. What am I supposed to do?
A. Call them at the number indicated on the letter.
Q. I have Workers Compensation. Why haven't you billed them?
A. We probably do not have enough information. We need the name of your workers comp carrier, the name of your employer at the time of the injury, the date of injury and your claim number.
Q. Why haven't you billed my car insurance?
A. We need complete insurance information, including address and claim number, in order to bill your car insurance.